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Deluxe PC-6 Door

Product number : PC6-DOOR

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Price : $69.95 (CAN)


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Deluxe PC-6 door kit.

Theses door are in 3/32" balas laminated with 1/64" plywood.  They are light and will not curve over the time like the 1/8" plywood door.

The kit include :

  • 2 front door.
  • 1 cargo door in 2 hinged section.
  • 1 sliding cargo door.  Styren rail and laser cutted acrylic socket.

Warning, the hinges and window are included in the PC-6 base kit, and not in the Door kit.  If you want some aditionnal hinges, click here. If you want the laser cutted door windows, select it in the "option" tab.


PC-6 Door PC-6 Door PC-6 Door PC-6 Door PC-6 Door
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